What To Do in Guanacaste

Explore Guanacaste

Your Ultimate Guide to Activities and Adventures

Introduction: Welcome to Guanacaste, Costa Rica’s vibrant heart where adventure and leisure blend seamlessly. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a culture enthusiast, our guide will lead you to the best experiences in this stunning region.

1. Beach Adventures and Water Sports:

  • Surfing: We have a PAGE ON SURFING on this website. Please go there to find information on surf breaks and schools. To find a home or condo next to the best surfing beaches, please visit our page on SURF REAL ESTATE
  • Scuba Diving & Snorkeling: Explore the rich marine life at:
    • Catalina Islands (ScubaCaribe): Popular for big fish encounters. Contact ScubaCaribe for trips.
    • Bats Islands (RichCoastDiving): Known for Bullshark diving. Rich Coast Diving provides tours.
    • Playas del Coco (PADI website): Offers diving experiences amidst volcanic formations. 
  • Boating & Fishing: Experience world-class deep-sea fishing and sailing. Check out Tamarindo Fishing for options.

2. Nature and Wildlife:

  • National Parks: Las Baulas National Park near Tamarindo is a must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts. Houses at Playa Grande are right inside the nature reserve.
  • Wildlife Watching: Join guided tours for encounters with Costa Rica’s unique species. Contact Tamarindo Wildlife Tours for details.

3. Outdoor Sports and Recreation:

4. Local Culture and Entertainment:

  • Restaurants and Dining: Explore local cuisine at top restaurants like Pangas Beach Club in Tamarindo. There are many good restaurants. We may have a page on that in the future.
  • Events and Festivals: Stay updated on local celebrations through Tamarindo’s community calendar. Tamarindo Events

5. Relaxation and Wellness:

6. Shopping and Local Crafts:

  • Markets: Discover unique souvenirs and local crafts at Tamarindo’s weekly craft markets.

7. Adventure Sports:

8. Practical Information:

  • Getting Around: Tamarindo offers various transportation options including car rentals and taxis.
  • Safety Tips: Ensure a safe visit by following local guidelines and respecting nature.

Conclusion: Guanacaste is a treasure trove of experiences. From surfing to dining, every moment here promises to be an adventure.

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