Commercial Real Estate in Costa Rica

Discover the potential of commercial real estate in the coastal towns of Guanacaste, where opportunities abound for businesses of all sizes. This region, known for its stunning beaches and growing tourism, offers a variety of properties including office spaces, retail locations, and expansive commercial land. Whether you’re looking to start a small business or invest in a larger venture, Guanacaste’s commercial real estate market presents a plethora of choices to suit your entrepreneurial aspirations.

N:B: On the land and lots page, you may also find listings suitable for commercial use. Some listings appear on both pages as they are also suitable residential lots.

In Guanacaste, the commercial real estate landscape is as diverse as its scenic beauty. Listings available, range from office and retail spaces to larger commercial buildings, the region caters to a wide array of business interests​​.

The versatility of these properties is noteworthy. They can, for example, serve various functions, from a private estate to a fairground or even an open-air restaurant, illustrating the flexibility that Guanacaste’s real estate offers to innovative entrepreneurs​​. 

Moreover, the development of infrastructure like the new $50 million Flamingo Marina, which caters to the luxury yachting market with 177 boat slips, highlights the region’s growth and its appeal to upscale commercial investments. Such developments not only enhance the value of nearby properties but also open doors for new business ventures in hospitality, retail, and leisure sectors​​.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, an experienced business owner, or a savvy investor, the commercial real estate market in Guanacaste’s coastal towns offers a dynamic environment with a range of opportunities tailored to a variety of business scales and types.

Whether you want to rune a small salon, clinic, boutique, restaurant, bar, beach club, B’n’B, hotel, horticulture business, manufacture, etc. etc, we can probably find you what you are looking for. If the current listings do not match your requirements, please get in touch and let us know your ideal location.

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