Iris Ben Dror - Real estate agent in Costa Rica.

Iris Ben Dror

Sales agent at Summer Coast Realty

About Iris Ben Dror

Iris Ben Dror: A Multicultural Real Estate Professional with a Passion for Personalized Service

Welcome to the diverse world of Iris Ben Dror, a real estate agent with a unique blend of cultural experiences and a deep understanding of customer needs. Born and raised in Costa Rica, Iris inherited the rich cultural heritage of Brazil and Israel, which has significantly shaped her perspective and linguistic abilities.

At 17, Iris embarked on an eight-year journey in Israel, deepening her cultural and professional experiences. Her return to Costa Rica marked the beginning of a diverse career path. Iris’s expertise spans marketing, security systems in San José, and condominium management, always with a focus on sales and customer service.

Drawn to the vibrant community of Guanacaste, Iris found her true calling in real estate. Her approach is characterized by an empathetic understanding of her clients’ desires, ensuring each property search is tailored to their specific needs. Iris’s ability to listen and connect on a personal level sets her apart, making her an ideal guide for those seeking their dream home in Costa Rica.

This revision aims to present Iris’s diverse background and real estate skills in a more structured and professional manner, emphasizing her multicultural insights and dedication to personalized client service.

Language: English, Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese

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