Residential Lots and Land Listings in Costa Rica

Explore the diverse and picturesque residential lots and land available in the coastal area of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This beautiful region, known for its stunning beaches and lush tropical landscapes, offers a wide range of properties suitable for building your dream home or developing a project. From serene beachfront lots to expansive parcels with breathtaking ocean views, the real estate in Guanacaste provides a variety of choices to match your vision and lifestyle.

The coastal area of Guanacaste is a treasure trove for those seeking to purchase land or residential lots in one of Costa Rica’s most sought-after regions. With its prime location in the North Pacific region, Guanacaste offers a mix of properties that cater to different preferences and budgets.

Properties like the Mar Vista Prime Ocean View Lot in Playa Flamingo, priced at $749,000 for a 1.236-acre lot, exemplify the premium options available in this picturesque area​​. The region boasts over 313 properties, including large building lots with lake views, showcasing the variety and breadth of options for potential buyers​​.

In Playa Junquillal, for instance, you can find a home construction site within the tropical dry forest, offering a unique blend of coastal proximity and natural beauty. This specific site covers an area of approximately 1,453 square meters (15,641.94 square feet), highlighting the range of lot sizes available​​.

Guanacaste’s land offerings are not limited to residential purposes alone. The region also includes a variety of lots suitable for farming, beachfront developments, and gated communities. The Gold Coast of Guanacaste, in particular, is renowned for its luxurious lifestyle and investment opportunities, with properties following the ‘pura vida’ lifestyle​​.

For those looking for high-end investment opportunities, Tamarindo offers land parcels like a 3.34-acre lot valued at $6,500,000, situated across from the beach, providing both an exclusive location and significant development potential​​.

Whether you are looking to build a secluded getaway, a family residence, or a commercial development, the coastal area of Guanacaste presents a variety of land and lot options. These properties offer a unique opportunity to own a piece of Costa Rica’s famed natural beauty, combined with the potential for personal use or investment in one of the country’s most vibrant real estate markets.

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